If you’ve ever spun a top, you know that in the beginning it spins smoother than silk, but when lost in a heady spin it smashes against a wall, then it spins out of control. Then it careens wildly,and finally it loses its balance and falls.

At other times, it doesn’t find an obstacle so it keeps spinning gold, but with time it starts to lose its speed and grace, it turns wobbly, and then it slows down to a stop. And when that happens, it falls.

Our lives are like that. We move quickly and gracefully through our initial years, but then suddenly without warning, obstacles begin to emerge on the landscape of our life. We don’t know when the first obstacle will come shooting up and hit us in the gut. It could be early on, or it come later – but to expect life to go on without any obstacle, I think, is being a little too optimistic.

I am rewiring The Spinning Top to reflect the true me. In the show, I will speak about one of my two true loves. Writing and Painting (or Storytelling and Art.)

Spinning Top - by Shafali Anand - Writer - Artist - Storyteller

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