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The Writer’s Block dissolved and I Wrote a Story.

The writer’s block dissolved and the neural network sprang into action. I spent the last week writing a story. In this story, I am a little girl in a dystopian world. Writing this story made me twist my world-view around… Continue Reading →

What is the Writer’s Block?

There are many who deny the existence of the Writer’s Block. I used to be one of them. There’s no such thing as writer’s block. That was invented by people in California who couldn’t write.  – Terry Pratchett And then… Continue Reading →

The Spinning Top – A Podcast on the Writing, Art, and Life.

If you’ve ever spun a top, you know that in the beginning it spins smoother than silk, but when lost in a heady spin it smashes against a wall, then it spins out of control. Then it careens wildly,and finally… Continue Reading →

How Real is the Illusion of Free Will?

Do I have free will? Each of the past fifty mornings or so, I have been waking up wanting to write my next book, a novel that centers around a subject that’s closest to my heart, but I end up… Continue Reading →

Existential Crisis, Existential Questions, and Existentialism

What is an Existential Crisis? Existential Crisis is what we experience when we start waking up with an uncomfortable feeling that life is gradually losing its sheen. We begin to wonder why we exist, what is the purpose of life,… Continue Reading →

Can Wrinkles be Beautiful? (The Changing Nature of Beauty.)

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary says: (Beauty is) the quality or aggregate of qualities in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses or pleasurably exalts the mind or spirit. Makes sense, especially with the “pleasurably exalts the mind or… Continue Reading →

The Tweak – A Novella Set in the Hills of Garhwal

  The Tweak is now available for download in three formats: ePub, Mobi, and PDF at Smashwords. I’ll write another post about the when, how, and why of The Tweak, but in the meantime, I invite you to visit my… Continue Reading →

Just My Writing Desk

I spend most of my time chained to my desk. The chain is invisible, I admit, yet it binds me and my imagination so completely that I find it impossible to think of my life without my beloved desk. Sometimes… Continue Reading →

The Tweak and Viral Sin

“The Tweak,” is a novella-length story I wrote a few years ago. This story, like most of my other stories is a thriller with a soul. Since it isn’t as big as a novel (or even half the size of… Continue Reading →

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